Let James Bond be James. Please.

So now Gillian Anderson wants to be James Bond. And so does Priyanka Chopra. The Internet is full of opinions about a female 007, although those types of discussions are never honest because people are so scared of being crucified for not being PC (it cost some exceptionally talented and successful people their careers) that no one really dares to express their contrary opinion.

Readers of this blog might remember that I’m a huge James Bond fan (see my letter to him when Skyfall came out). That’s pre Daniel Craig James Bond, when he was enjoying (and yes, sometimes killing) beautiful women, had insane gadgets and had no issues. And was handsome (sorry, in my opinion Daniel Craig has a great face for a Russian gangster or British boxer, but not for an international gentleman of mystery).

I don’t want James Bond to become a woman. I don’t want Thor to be a woman. And, since I already gave up on new versions of James Bond, it’s not about him. It’s about us.

I understand we want our share of power - and toughness. I understand we have fantasies of kicking balls. I understand we’re not housewives anymore who can’t see beyond their front porch. But what I also understand, especially since I became a mother, is that to take over the power, we don’t need to castrate men. We don’t need to turn into men. By doing so, we are only trying to play their game by their rules (which is, after all, their game, so I’m not sure we’d really have a chance of winning), and agitate them. We'd make them hate us. We’re better than that.  

The now very obvious collapse of the capitalist system, the new challenges of globalization, the environment we’re not sure we can still save, the destruction of connectedness, hope, altruism, joy of life, the general feeling of being lost and not knowing how to go on - in short, the state of the world right now means we need a paradigm shift in order to survive. A shift from a male way of functioning, a shift from a tough guy who kicks ass and kills bad guys, (and preferably in the process becomes a hedge fund manager, steals billions and has the biggest house and the fastest car, fuck you!) to a tough guy who will have the power to make the world a better place by being tuned in, sensitive, connected, constructive, intelligent, creative. A woman. A mother. Yes, with balls. Female balls.

We don’t need to turn into 007s. We don’t need to steal parts of male - outdated and failed -narrative. We need to create our own female heroes, who become powerful by new rules, our rules. We need to start thinking in new ways. Female ways. We need to create a new reality, a better, safer, kinder reality for this planet and human beings.

Let James Bond keep his penis. Please.

Instead, let’s create a heroine who will turn this place into a world where we don’t need him. That’s a movie I’d like to see! A jobless James Bond trying to seduce our heroine hoping she’ll make a mistake so he can finally have a reason to use his license to kill and be whom he used to be.

Let’s think like women, not like men.