The Secret of LA's Juices

In Los Angeles, I live around the corner from Juice Served Here, a trendy juice place opened in 2013. Since then, JSH became such a big thing, it opened six more locations, has its magazine and was featured in all big media in the USA. I often see town cars parked in front of it and livered drivers opening doors for stressed assistants leaving the place with boxes and boxes of juices. Around the other corner from me is Beverly Hills Juice, LA’s oldest juice place which David Otto, an eternal hippy with a silver pony tail and a baseball hat, opened back in 1975 when “there were two other juice places in LA: a surfer dude’s in Malibu, which was closed when waves were high, and another place which doesn’t exist anymore.“ In contrary to JSH’s fancy design, Beverly Hills Juice is a tiny room covered in white tiles. It’s so small it fits only two customers so people often line up in front waiting for the legendary bottle of juice. And then I read Amanda Chantal Bacon’s interview in Elle about what she eats in a day. Amanda is the owner of Moon Juice, THE juicery of Venice. The interview went viral as Amanda basically eats (or rather drinks) food from Mars – stuff no one has ever heard of or is able to identify, such as QuintEssential Quinton Shots. To start eating like Amanda, a blogger calculated, costs $710.

LA is covered in juice bars. And then there are all those paparazzi pictures of stars holding a cup of juice when strolling around. So for the new Gloria Glam I went on a quest of discovering the secret of juices.

I discovered a place in Malibu called Sunlife Organics where most stars go and where they serve a $30 juice called Billion Dollar Smoothie. The ingredients list is so fascinating, I must list it here: Young Thai coconut meat, spinach, raw cashew butter, goat colostrum, chlorophyll, whole leaf aloe, buffered Vitamin C crystals, collagen, Vitamineral Greens, silica, grass-fed whey protein isolate, E3-Live (Brain-On), MCT oil, Four Sigmatic 10 mushroom blend (reishi, chaga, cordyceps, enokitake, maitake, shiitake, Lion's Mane, Tremella, Agaricus Blazei, and Meshima), rice bran solubles, hemp milk.

I learned about the fancy juice cleanses that cost up to $95 a day. And Juicero, a Nespresso machine for juices, which raised $100 in investment. Curious to see if it will pay off.

But the most interesting thing I learned is that doctors still claim you should rather eat your good stuff.

So, as it turns out, there’s no secret. Not even in (billion dollar) juices.