Shailene Woodley: A Rebel with a Cause

Talking to Shailene Woodley was such a treat! This young, successful and enormously talented actress famous for her roles in The Descendants, The Divergent Series and The Fault in Our Stars, is genuinely no-nonsense. In contrary to her colleagues from Big Little Lies, she arrived to the interview to talk to us and not impress us with her appearance. Shailene has strong values and lives by them. She was arrested protesting Dakota Access Pipeline, was a loud Bernie Sanders supporter and sits on the board of “Our Revolution”, an organisation that supports a healthier democracy by educating voters, getting them more involved and promoting progressive leaders. Shailene gave her Los Angeles house to her grandmother, walked down the red carpet barefoot and without make up. And she used to make her own cosmetics. She just doesn’t buy into Hollywood glitter and I love her for that. When I asked her if she thinks her attitudes and her political activism might jeopardize her career, she told me: “I can die happy knowing I spoke my truth - I wouldn’t be able to die happy knowing I didn’t speak my truth out of fear of what would happen to my Hollywood career.”

What a tremendous shame young girls look up to Kardashian or Beyonce instead of an enlightened, clever and outspoken young lady like Shailene.