Save the Children or Pet Obesity Prevention - You Choose

Oh well, so here I am a few days ago, accompanying a friend to a trendy LA hair salon where she was getting color and cut for her usual $600 (which isn't even considered so bad in the city where may cuts start with $400 and colours with $800). And I'm flipping through the magazines which I normally don't get to read. And find this (either in Harper's Bazaar or Elle):


So if you're like "Yeah, what's this?" please look closer. And then let me tell you: This is the reality of the world we (especially in the USA) live in. 

Seeing these two pages side by side (in a fashion magazine, while sitting in a place where they charge $600 for doing your hair ) made my stomach cramp. First, I took the picture. And then I went online for a little research. And here's what I found (and why I had such a gut reaction).

Left page - Save the Children: In the USA, 15 million children live bellow poverty line. USA is the worst country in the developed world. One in 5 kids live in poverty. Each year, approximately 3.1 million children die of hunger worldwide. 

Right page - Pet Obesity Prevention (!!!!!!!): In 2016, USA pet food market was valued at $24.60 billion (!), and is expected to reach $30.1 billion in 2022. 31% of cats and 34% of dogs in the USA are obese. 

So if that doesn't seem bad enough, here some statistics I found while researching for my article about dog's life in Hollywood: the whole world sends $30 billion a year in financial help to the whole African continent. That is how much Americans spend on pet food - so they can then be worried about pet obesity. Total US pet industry is estimated to reach $92 billion in 2019. Three times of what the world sends to Africa. 

So where do we start?

Or even better - where do we end?

P.S. Who and why put these two ads next to each other? Completely oblivious or subversive?