LA's Obsession with Yoga and Love for Spas

Last year, I wrote two fun LA stories for Gloria Glam: about LA’s obsession with yoga, and LA’s love for spas. Both are ways for Angelenos to escape the stress of surviving the (film) industry and living in this intense city.

Now I’m all into yoga, but it was still surprising for me to learn about all the different types of yoga classes offered in LA: from yoga in the park, on the beach, on the water (literally), on a helipad, yoga with your dog, mommy and baby yoga, hip-hop yoga, hot yoga, yoga with a DJ, even “remedy” yoga (smoked up yoga). I fell in love with the gorgeous Wanderlust studio (and their lovely restaurant with a beautiful terrace), visited the trendy Tantris and interviewed my favorite yoga teacher Danielle Cuccio. Danielle teaches at Swerve in West Hollywood and her classes are most fun and athletic vinyasa classes I’ve ever visited. If you’re close, I can highly recommend her classes. She also teaches private.

The spas on the hand were a surprise because I’m not into spas and only when I started talking to people about them did I learn about how much Angelenos love them and how fun they are. LA’s Korean spas were a revelation to me – I had an amazing visit to a Korean spa where they literally rubbed my skin off of my body and where I got to sit in a hot tub of black tea. I visited the fascinating Surya Spa, the shockingly unassuming ayurveda spa to hip Hollywood stars (with a secret address!) and spoke to its beautiful owner Martha Soffer.  I got to learn everything about v-steaming at the Tikkun Spa (where Gwyneth started the whole trend) and absorb the pure luxury of a western spa at Ole Henriksen. It was interesting to learn that Angelenas have different spas for different purposes: Korean is for having fun with friends while western is for pure pampering and relaxation (and isolation). The mystery I haven’t unraveled: why am I just not into spas.

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