ND Walsch & Marie Diamond: On Change and Who's Producing this Show

My big article on the spiritual side of Los Angeles lead to two interesting interviews with two famous spiritual teachers who were not only successful with their own messages but also appeared in The Secret (I do turn red when admitting it, but I love that book): Neale Donald Walsch and Marie Diamond.

ND Walsch was 50 years old, had a row of failed careers, failed marriages, health problems, financial problems and was homeless when one night he yelled out at God in desperation and asked him what he was doing wrong. God answered, Neale wrote his answers down and turned them into a book. “Conversations With God” became a New York Times bestseller and stayed on that list for 135 weeks. Neale went on to publish 28 books, six of which were NYT bestsellers. His books are translated into 37 languages. The most interesting thing I learned from interviewing Neale was how to initiate change. Many of my friends found themselves in a rut and knew they must do something to change their lives but didn’t know how. Very few people are lucky, as I was when writing discovered me and I left my corporate career, to have change happen to them. Most people feel they must initiate change but don’t know where to start or in which direction to go. I asked Neale about this and he told me you have to start with a feeling: “The first step is to know who we want to become as a result of that change. What is the inner change that the outer change should bring? Once we’re clear about this, we should go on and feel what we’d like to feel as a result of the change. In this way, the right change will develop from the feeling we want to achieve.” So it’s not WHAT to change but how do we want to feel as the result of the change.

Marie Diamond is a feng shui master and a spiritual teacher and here’s one of her messages that stuck with me: "Imagine your life as a TV show starring you and being produced and directed by you." I know, it’s cheesy, but it helped me tremendously to remind myself who’s in control here (or should be!). (Yes, one of my friends said it: You can get a girl out of LA but you can’t get LA out of the girl).

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