Californian Gold

Ever since I first arrived to LA, I have been fascinated – and inspired - by Angelenas’ love for minuscule gold jewelry. And then came Meghan Markle with her gold stacking rings and dainty necklaces - and I decided to find out why women in Los Angeles love their delicate gold jewelry so much. Researching for this story was a ton of fun – I learned about the history of the Golden State (the 1848 Gold Rush brought 300.000 people into the (till then) empty state who needed infrastructure, agriculture, schools and hospitals – so the 5th biggest economy in the world was literally built on gold), I spoke to some fantastic LA jewelry designers like Kathleen Whitaker, Hortense Bonneau and Maya Brenner, interviewed Jana Turner, the fantastic jewelry buyer for the OK store in Los Angeles (if you are in LA and ever “need” jewelry, you must go to OK), and discussed with my dear friend, stylist Ines Abejon.

 I’ve learned that designers started making dainty gold jewelry when the price of gold exploded back in 2008 and that the trend was actually started by a jewelry store from Brooklyn called Catbird. I also learned that women in LA do lots of sports, are always on the go, are casual, and live in a hot climate – all practical reasons to wear tiny jewelry which you can exercise in, won’t sweat under, and which will take you from day to evening. Also, that tiny jewelry only makes sense with summer wardrobe (which is the only wardrobe you need in LA) – it gets lost in big sweaters and jackets. But I also developed my own theory on LA’s dainty gold jewelry – Californian sunshine! There’s a certain magic that happens between the sun kissed skin and delicate pieces of gold, which gently sparkle in the warm Californian sun. Can you smell the ocean?

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