Please, Take Your (Toxic) Cosmetics More Seriously

More then fifteen years ago, with the first of four cancer diagnosis in my immediate family, I detoxed my life. I switched to natural, toxin-free cosmetics by Dr Hauschka and Weleda and toxin-free detergents and cleaning supplies. I also started eating organic whenever possible. It shocked me that the fact that our cosmetics (and household supplies) were toxic wasn’t a secret but the consumers knew nothing about this and trusted that, as they were (and still are) wildly available, they were safe.

It’s been fifteen, maybe even twenty years, and not much has changed. Few hours ago I walked into a drugstore and looked at the cosmetics isle and thought how fun it looked, but how I would never again buy, let alone apply, those products. And then I thought of women who use insane amounts of these things every day – from shower gels, body lotions, shampoos, creams, hair dyes, to nail polish without having any clue they are literally poisoning themselves. Parabens, Phthalates, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, imidazolidinyl urea, fragrance, dyes, Stearalkonium Chloride, the list of toxic chemicals is endless. Most of them are irritants, many of them are toxic, some are carcinogenic, most will interfere with your hormones, some have been linked to ADHD. The problem is that we’re being poisoned from all sides – our food, air and water are full of chemicals, as are our homes and our clothes. All of those „small“ amounts are pieces of a puzzle and the more of them you can get rid of the better.

In past few months, I wrote three big stories on this topic: one on American women who started their own toxin-free cosmetic brands, one on toxin-free nail polishes and one on toxin-free hair dyes and hair care. Although I already knew a lot, it shocked me to find even more horrifying facts – for instance how the chemicals from nail polish can be found in other parts of the body two hours after the application, or how hair color is full of PPD which has been linked to lung and kidney problems and bladder cancer. The awesome part of my research was finding all these amazing toxin-free cosmetics, and great nail, hair and skin salons that use them. It’s fantastic you don’t have to sacrifice quality, fun and luxury to go toxin free.

It pains me that most of the women on this planet don’t have access to this information or to healthy choices. If you’re one of the privileged ones, please take you privilege seriously and with gratefulness and educate yourself on your health – and the health of the planet.

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