Say Hello to Holistic Fitness

Somehow I ended up writing two fun stories about newest trends in fitness. I love stories that teach me things I didn’t know and these were definitely those kinds of stories. I learned that yes, people really exercise with truck tires and parachutes, that dance fitness classes are booming more then ever (yay, says the dancer in me!), that the newest thing is exercising under shock therapy (which isn’t new, it’s been used in physiotherapy for many decades). But the most interesting thing was researching for the article about Biohacking – basing your fitness regimen, diet and even rest on your gene tests. Many serious fitness clubs now offer such programmes, with fitness trainers (called Biohackers) who now have to be educated in nutrition, medicine (or genetics) as much as fitness itself. For those who don’t have a club like that close by, or can’t afford it, there are many online companies that offer not only testing, but also fitness, nutrition and supplement recommendations based on individual test results. I’m excited to see that we’re starting to see some aspects of our life in a holistic way - once we learn that everything is connected, and start treating issues as big puzzles, and not isolated phenomena, we’ll lead much healthier and happier lives. And maybe save the planet. (Yes, that was the hippie in me talking.)

Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 14.36.48.png
Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 14.36.52.png
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