Time for a Revolution

What’s with this Met Gala nonsense? It was always a horrible show of just pure ugliness and kitsch and camp but it’s getting worse each year. I don’t understand that people (media?) in America celebrate it and don’t see that Met Gala is a symbol for everything that’s wrong with America today: a 1% of rich, who completely lost touch with the rest of the people, showing off in absurd clothes worth millions of dollars while the streets of all major cities in his country are covered in tents. (The country is suffering a serious homeless pandemic!) It’s not funny, it’s not pretty, and it’s not cool. It’s just painful. All under the pretense of collecting money for – what exactly? Does anyone know? The costume department of the Met? Seriously, who cares? It’a shameful parade of the famous who are famous (and rich) for just being trash and collecting your likes. Do they know, does anyone in America know, that 220 years ago crowned heads rolled for this same behavior, same economic discrepancy and same neglect of the average people? It’s time for a revolution, and not for clicking “like” on pictures of billionaires dressed as chandeliers! How are people not on the streets of NYC protesting against this? How is a cultural institution, one of the rare bastillions of culture and art and history in America, not ashamed of being associated with a vulgar show of the rich like this? It’s just wrong. I’m just appalled. Wake up, America, stop being a kid who just wants to be entertained – because you’re really not heading in a good direction.

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