True Friends 101

I’ve just learned one thing: you can forget all that shit about real friends being there when you are in state of emergency. You learn who your real friends are when things are running fantastic! It is the ego thing: when you have a problem and you are down, many people will be happy to help because that’s when they are in the stronger position. When you are crashed, they are clever, rational, helpful, strong – which subconsciously boosts their ego. But hey, when you are up and fantastic things are happening to you and they should be happy for you, that’s hard. Because at those moments you are strong, you are the star and they only have a supporting role. And it’s only true friends who can forget their egos at those moments, and share your happiness without being the very centre of it. Some will just pretend as if nothing is happening, some will only say what’s polite, some will simply disappear. And some will even invent a reason to attack you. Peace.