Being a (European) blonde in New York

Sitting with Nic in metro, going downtown and looking at a poster advertising the "Bodies" exhibition, commenting how horrible the idea is of showing dead bodies playing volleyball. Nic:"And what's even worse - do you know where the bodies come from?"

Ana (blonde): "No"

Nic: "They're Chinese dissidents."

Ana (blonde): "OMG. That is horrible. And how did they get 2 million Chinese dissidents in one show?"

Nic: " They can't have 2 million bodies there. Where did you get the number from?"

Ana (blonde): "There, on the poster."

Nic: "Where?"

Ana (blonde): "Big red letters."

Nic: "That's a phone number."

Well, how embarrassing (and stupid) is that!?

So, if you want to go see dead bodies of Chinese dissidents in NY, dial 1.800.000.BODIES

And don't be disappointed with how few corpses there are!