What's Next?

The last two movies I saw showed lesbian scenes. Both were big and commercial (not the scenes, the movies) - Swan Lake and Love and Other Drugs. What's with that now? Isn’t entertaining industry already earning enough on male fantasies? And what about other industries? Not enough billions for plastic surgeons and cosmetic industry? How many more complexes do women need? It is not enough that our tits are not big enough and our legs slim enough and that we are eventually growing older – now we also have to start changing our sexual practices? How much more of porn industry are we going to allow to creep into our mainstream and our lives?

I had a long discussion about this with my boyfriend. Of course he tried to convince me it is OK. Men also have complexes forced on them, he claims. Like financial success. Apparently, they are made to believe they should have couple of millions on their bank accounts to be attractive. Maybe, but I see a big difference here. Earning a couple of millions is highly dependent on various outside factors. A woman not willing to engage into lesbian sex to fulfill a sexual fantasy (which, by being so present in our media, is turned into something that should be expected) depends solely and purely on her. So she is made to feel like this is normal and she’s simply not doing enough. Or willing enough. You chose.

I said I wish mainstream movies were full of scenes of two hot studs satisfying one woman. They would be, he said, if women watched more porn and there was a demand for something like this. Yeah  right, so now the fact that we are forced to see only what men want is our own fault. Then he tried to explain it as a way  to lure men into movies such as Love and Other Drugs. Hello, the movie is full of Anne Hathaway’s gorgeous naked body having sex, her breasts dangling around the picture. And we STILL need lesbian sex to lure men into cinema? What’s next?

Then he told me it’s our fault because women are not boycotting it. It is our fault that we allow this to influence us, and some of us have breast enhancement surgeries and have lesbian sex. Which makes others feel unattractive. If all women said no… What then? That’s just lame.

All in all, just another proof that this is a male world. Still. And ever more so.