Star spotting

I really wonder if I’m the right person for this town. I just received a newsletter from MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) where I’m a member (thanks to my friend’s lovely mom, who couldn’t have given me a better “Welcome to LA” present). As a member, I was invited to the opening of their latest exhibition of Street Art (which I’m a big fan of). Openings at big museums in LA are where you (if you’re a mortal like me who doesn’t get invited to premieres and those parties we only know from TV shows about Hollywood) can see the “Who’s Who” of this town. And, as I can see in the newsletter, MOCA managed to fill a whole page with stars attending their Street Art opening. Great. They were all there. I was there. Didn’t see anyone. I guess I was too concentrated on the art. I bet you can see me on one (or more) of these star pictures in the background, staring at the paintings. Oh look, George Clooney – and Ana watching a video. Drew Barrymore – and Ana watching a performance. Brangelina – and Ana examining a painting. No hope here.

Today, I had lunch at The Ivy (if you read gossip magazines like I do, you will know paparazzi pictures of The Ivy terrace which is always filled with famous people). I was sitting next to Ivanka Trump. There were a couple of tables filled with what looked like people I should have recognized. I didn’t. Instead, I tried to take a picture of the chicken car (seriously, the car was yellow and had a huge chicken head  and chicken tail) parked in front of The Ivy. I’d love to share this one with you but I can't get the pictures from my phone into my computer. Will never become a Hollywood reporter.