Yeap, feminism again.....

Why should I write clever stuff when other people already wrote it?So for all interested in Alpha-Girls or Post-Feminism or 3rg Generation Feminism (in Germany and in German) - here an article with a lot of interesting information:

I believe that this women vs. men thing is – in our society – outdated and is bringing us nowhere. We are fighting a finished war. We should move beyond feminism and urgently move in direction of humanism. The moment humans become human again, for which they need to be given time, space and energy (read not be forced to scarify all of that to the system and in the same time be overwhelmed by media/entertainment industry), and thus become capable of again embracing all their natural drives and needs, dreams, flaws, differences – all discrimination (like lower salaries), conflicts and problems between women and men will disappear. Yes, they call it social feminism.

Oliver, thank you for the link.