Say "welcome" and run

Like all people in Vienna, I was dead scared of the EURO2008 which just started today. So when leaving the house this afternoon to meet a publisher, I was trying to decide if I should drive or take public transportation. I was sure that the city will be overwhelmed with masses of football fans, cars and buses so I thought it would be better take public transportation. But I was also late (as always) and thought “what the hell, I’ll just risk it and drive”. A few minutes later, I was driving through the centre, wondering if I was dreaming. Vienna turned into a ghost-city! There were no cars. No people. Only a few accidental Croatian fans in red and white chequered t-shirts, lonely and confused. God, we really showed the world what great hosts we are. Perfectly organised everything, decorated the house - and ran away.

Speaking of football – did you know that on the days of important football matches, there is 30% more domestic violence?