The Book Thing 1

OK, by now this seriously started feeling like a … wedding (!!!???). And it is scary. Yes, and the groom is missing. Ohmygod - maybe I'm getting marrying myself!

First, it was the invitations. Then, organising the weekend of great food and parties for my friends who are coming to my hometown for that special occasion. Then I was informed that there will be TV crews and someone filming the event so that I can have it on a DVD. So I got a bit nervous and called my “stylist” (yes, Ines - you) begging her to help me find the perfect dress. Now that this gorgeous dress is hanging in my living room, my gay neighbours had to decide on the perfect pair of shoes and the perfect shade of nail polish. And yesterday, I even told my dad to wear something nice…. Aaaarrghh!

Now I should be thinking about what to say. But right now, all I can say is this: I don't understand people who have big weddings on their free will. Maybe one day, someone will have to remind me that I said this…. Please.