Latest gossip from Croatia - someone wanted to harm a very handsome actor and published photos of him kissing a man. He was forced into outing, so to say. All the papers published the story and comments of his colleagues giving him public support. My first reaction was "Ugh, this can only be a scandal in Croatia." But then I was thinking about the situation in other countries. And I realised, to my big surprise - there are no famous outed gay men! The only one I can think of is Elton John - no comment needed. Seems like the fashion industry was created as the gey men's gettho, the only area they are supposed to occupy. Funnily enough, when thinking of outed lesbians, I remembered Jodie Foster, Ellen DeGeners, Melissa Etheridge and Cyntia Nixon - all great women. Are women braver when it comes to outing? Or do we accept gay women easier then gey men? Sadly, it turns out that the situation is same everywhere.