From Art to Life!

Two amazing movies to see right now. Both European. Both with strong French involvement (one French-Belgian, the other French-Austrian-German). Both about love, but more interestingly: About the physical presence, the influence of our physical being on our relationships and our lives. “Amour” is directed by Michael Haneke. It is a beautiful, deep, true story about love, old age, and death. It tells of a beautiful older couple and their dealing with one of them growing ill and becoming completely dependent on the care of the other. It shows the pain, the patience (but for my taste a bit too less of impatience), the love. Incredible Jean-Louis Trintignant and Emmanuelle Riva carry the whole movie, not reminding you in even a split-second that what you watching is a movie. Life! It shows death but it is all about life, about how beautiful and short it is and how we should love it, embrace it, enjoy every second of it – while we still can. This is one of those movies that shakes you through and through and leaves you thinking about it even a week later. It moved me so deeply that it actually had a spiritual impact. That is what makes a movie into high-art!

“Rust and Bone” by Jacques Audiard is an amazing story of a boxer and a killer whale trainer. She is working with big, powerful, dangerous beasts, he is one. When she loses her physical power, she starts working on taming him and through this, builds new strength. I have never before seen a movie talking in such depth and passion about of physical power, our physical presence, the joy of being physically capable and living the physical side of life. Without vulgarity, or strangling us with sex or sports. Amazing that a movie about physical power can be so poetical! Bravo to Audiard! The love story is beautiful, the characters fantastic. I can rarely say “I felt those characters” when I see a movie. Marion Cotillard and Mathias Schoenaerts made me not only feel them but become them!

And now let’s go out and dance!