And HELLO Beyoncé!

Beyonce just started her world tour yesterday with a concert in Belgrade. And here is what she had to show us: Nipples. Really Beyonce? What’s next? Stylized insides of your vagina? Tasteless. (And I have nothing against boobs. But either show them or don’t.) I don't want to go into bashing current pop stars' vulgarity because I feel I said/wrote it so many times that I'm getting boring. But Beyonce’s sequin boobs perfectly fit our last conversation (see my blog on Margaret Thatcher from 10 April 2013.) What images of successful women, or role models, do young girls have to look up to today? Either Hilary or Merkel – or Beyonce (`s boobs). Why is there no middle ground? How much femininity is too less and how much is too much?

God bless ancient Greeks and their Sophrosyne.