Albanian Virgins

Oliver has sent me a very interesting article from Herald Tribune about Albanian virgins. Don't laugh. For centuries, those women who decided to become men only had to make a resolution, cut their hair and put some trousers on. And – not have sex! Which turns celibacy into the key, meaning they believe it is the female sexuality that makes woman intor a woman. Not her physical or mental characteristics.

So basically, it was possible to achieve equality even in that brutal and very patriarchal environment. These virgins are treated like men. They manage their families like men, they kill like men and rule like men. They hang out with men.

And I was just thinking how we could apply this without any problems. Nothing would change. We anyway wear our hair short, only wear jeans and trousers. And have almost no sex. Aaaargh! We ARE men!!!!!! 

Here's the link. Thank you Oliver.