Father's Love

Today, I received a birthday gift from my dad – a TomTom navigation system! I was truly, truly happy about my gift. Because for my last birthday, I received loudspeaker cables or an amplifier or something similar. Something hi-fi. My dad is a true hi-fi freak.

I was telling Andreas, our company’s technical adviser, about the gift and how I believe I am the only girl in the world who gets cables for her birthday - other girls get shoes or bags or jewellery. Andreas looked at me and said “Wooow, your dad really loves you!”

That moment I understood it – you shouldn’t just look at the gift, you have to look at whom it came from. One has to understand that my dad does not have a son and that he is an engineer (ok, an architect). So considering how foreign the idea of shoes/bags/jewllery is to him, I am really, really happy about my navigation system. Yep, my dad loves me. Thanks dad! Love you too!