A Croatian starlet/wanna-be-script-writer jut got her own column in Croatia’s biggest daily newspapers (yes, I am envious). Her first column spread over two whole pages and featured three huge pictures of her running over a construction site in a little (very little) black dress, black stilettos and a laptop under her arm. And yes, a halo of blonde hair shining in the sun. The point of the column was that in spite of the construction site in front of her house, she is not giving up her Jimmy Choo stilettos. Tells a lot about the quality of Croatian newspapers. OK, she is trying to make a deeper point out of this – why can’t women in stilettos and perfectly blow-dried hair be taken seriously?! She is angry of her friend who is a lawyer and a very sexy girl but when she is working, puts on a grey suit and pulls back her hair.

I really like women who take over the power and the right for self-expression. But why should you expect to be taken seriously when you style yourself into a invitation for sex? You wouldn’t expect to be taken seriously when you wear a clown outfit or a jump suit to work, would you?

After all, it doesn’t work in practice. Been there, done that -can tell. If you have a serious job, you cannot run around for 12 hours a day on 11cm stilettos. It hurts and deforms your feet. And you’re slow. You run from a meeting to a meeting and you never have the time, nor the possibility to go to the bathroom with your makeup bag and refresh your professional makeup. An in the morning, you have more important things to do (like sleep, eat, have sex or watch news) than spend an hour with a blow-dryer, styling perfect curls. And finally, let’s not forget which effect such a styling will inevitably provoke in a business environment. A bunch of jealous women who will do everything to ruin your career. A bunch of horny bosses who will do everything to get into your pants - and if they don’t, will ruin your career. And a bunch of male colleagues who like you but don’t respect you – and also want to get into your pants but have no power to ruin your career if they don’t.

So very soon, you will learn to prefer wearing flat shoes to work.

Believe it or not - they are better to kick ass.