Those Days

A new TV ad for Always Ultra. Soft music, animated flowers blooming and dancing and a soft female voice telling us about “those days”. I hate talking about “those days” and I hate calling period “those days”. And I hate making such a big fuss about “those days”. Anyway, the whole ad is an ode to “those days” and how this wonderful company is trying to make “those (horrible) days” nicer for you. And then she says something interesting: those days mean that everything is alright. I never thought about it that way. But as I heard this, I started thinking about it. I started thinking about the fact that a woman is doomed to bleed to know that everything is alright. And I started wondering if we tend to apply this rule to other aspects of our lives – because many women need to “bleed” from time to time in order to recognise that everything is alright. Do men ever need to bleed to know everything is alright?