Why George Clooney’s Love Life Matters

I’m so in love with Philosophers’ Mail idea of giving gossip deeper meaning that I’m going to steal the idea and serve you some gossip. Apparently – and this has been a rumor for months – George Clooney is dating…. Ready?.... A successful intelligent woman with a serious profession! Few months ago, they’ve been papped (for all those normal people not living in L.A.: a picture taken by paparazzi) in a car, leaving a restaurant in London. And few days ago, she accompanied him to “The Monuments Men” screening at the White House. (That’s what I call a date!)

The special lady is Amal Alamuddin, a beautiful, high-profile barrister in the U.K.'s Doughty Street Chambers firm. She’s specialized in international, criminal, human rights and extradition laws. And there’s more: She’s been named to several United Nations commissions, represented Julian Assange and acts as an advisor to U.N. Security General Kofi Annan on relations in Syria. She’s educated at Oxford and NYU and is trilingual.

But why does George Clooney’s love life matter, you might ask.

There is the interesting question of why George would be doing it other way round: normally men go for real women earlier in their life, to start a family and then hit mid-life crisis and go for a 20 years younger bimbo. But we’re not here to put George on the couch (as much as we’d like to). What really matters is the possibility that after many, many (many) years of dating gorgeous models and starlets, George could be dating a successful, educated, independent woman. And this is important because in today’s world, the lives of rich and famous are much more influential then they should be. In days of US Weekly, Hello, Cribs, Fabulous Life, people want to buy what they buy, look how they look, do what they do. This is why George Clooney (potentially) dating a woman we want our daughters to become is powerful news. It might bring more to women’s struggle for respect than hundreds of feminist protests, actions, articles, documentaries.

And now imagine a world where more rich and famous men went for ladies like Alamuddin and less for just pretty shells. And imagine your daughter reading THAT gossip magazine!

Nice idea, isn’t it?