Ana's plan (forget Marshall)

First six steps of Ana Tajder’s plan to save the world:

  1. Switch off the financial markets. Just like that. They are anyway nothing but legalised crime. OK, softer version: tax them, but heroically! No, I changed my mind again  – switch them off!
  2. Put all big companies under state control. What is that shit about Coca-Cola buying water wells and Time Warner deciding about what we think?
  3. Limit wealth (500 million [€ or $, I don’t care] should be enough for any rich person. More is not doing anyone any good. And definitely is stolen. The rest should be given to state for the projects that will benefit ALL
  4. Wake the governments up (!) – only princesses are allowed to sleep for 100 years!
  5. Remind those sleeping princesses about their job description: serving, protecting and guiding their people and assuring well being for ALL. Not: licking capital’s ass. If they are not capable of doing that, do what you do with every employee who is not capable of doing their job: fire them. No golden handshake – employment office. Eventually retrain them into… don’t know…gardeners or something similar, where they can’t do much damage.
  6. Find someone who is capable of being the government and serving the people. Ooooopssss! I know, it is going to be a hard job. But maybe they exist.

OK, that should be enough for the start.