Afghan health plan

In Afghanistan, women are still being put to jail after they have been raped. Afghan law punishes any form of sex outside of marriage and makes no difference between an adulteress and a victim. Statistics say that 87% of women after the age of 7 experience some kind of harassment. 60% of marriages are forced on women, 57% of brides are younger than 16.

Ghulam Ali, highly positioned officer responsible for the security in the country explained that the law which punishes victims of rape is right because “in Afghanistan, sexual encounters outside of marriage mean breaking the Muslim law, no matter if the person accepted or was forced”. He personally believes this law is good because “there are many diseases which spread because of illegal sexual relationships.”

I was just wondering about the outcomes of the US liberation of that country……  Taliban are as strong as ever, poppy fields are in full bloom and women are being punished for being raped. Democracy? Freedom? Human rights?

Also, I’d like to learn more about the difference of STDs transmitted between wed partners and non-wed partners. But for this, I’d probably have to attend an Afghan school. Hey, maybe Mr. Ghulam found cure for AIDS – just lock all women into prisons!