ChiChi the Sex Machine

Here is a story for all ChiChi fans.

ChiChi has many fans on this island, and now that he starred in both my book and my blog, he became a superstar. Maybe soon he will need his own website.

Yesterday, mama and I were forced to leave our favourite beach because a girl-dog in heat passed by and he want totally crazy. Mad. Balistic. He was screaming and barking and crying and pulling on his leash. We were scared the dog will get a heart attack, so we jumped on our bikes and rode to the other side of the island. The other side is the “in” beach, and this is exactly why we don’t like it – EVERYONE is there. The moment we arrived with ChiChi in our basket, people started greeting him and kids came to play with him. But the moment Chi got off the bike, he grabbed his red towel and started masturbating. We tried everything, even threw him into the freezing sea (a few times) but nothing helped. This mad dog was going on for one hour. The young part of the audience was laughing, the older ones packed their stuff and left. And mama and I desperately stuck our noses into our books and pretended we have no clue what was going on next to us. You simply cannot stop a dog from masturbating. Or is it just our dog?


Today, ChiChi and I saw mama off as she is leaving to Zagreb. She felt bad leaving me alone “At least I leave you ChiChi, so you have someone who breaths next to you” she said.

“Yeah, and someone who masturbates next to me”

“Hahaha, it is like having a husband!” We just couldn’t stop laughing.

Sorry boys, but it WAS funny.