Capitalism is Dead (no worries, will be put on life supporting machines)

I can just say “Capitalism is dead.” Never thought I could say this still in my 30’s!!!

So what now?

In my fairy tale, we (they) would admit we (they) failed and see how we could turn this catastrophe into a new system which works and is fair. Save what can be saved. Enough of economic/financial pixie magic! Greets to Mr. Marx!

In real life, we (they) will take this corpse and put some make up on it and make it work. Somehow. And yes, YOU will pay for the make up! Of course Mr. Flud gets to keep his $460 million compensation. And no, he will not donate anything for the lipstick!

And in real life a corpse with lipstick cannot function, so it will keep on collapsing while we (they) keep on drenching whatever can still be drenched out. Until our corpse turns into nothing but a pile of ashes.

Yes my dears, we’ll all be in that pile.

Ashes to ashes……