Palin, seriously.

Here the Palin story because I was very surprised to hear how many people here do not know about this phenomenon...

The first time I read about Palin, I was just amused. I read a profile on her in a Croatian newspaper and the first thing that made me think that something was wrong, were the pictures showing her in her symbol too tight skirts and too high heels. But as I started reading, I quickly understood – this is going to get worse. Yep, this ex-beauty queen is the governor of Alaska (and that is not a joke), she shoots bears and she has 5 (!?) kids. Her 17 years old daughter is pregnant (I dare to call this a proof of both the level of intelligence and education), her son is in Iraq. She has another daughter and a few months old kid with the Down syndrome. The article even mentioned a theory that that kid is actually one of her daughters’ child. Something is obviously VERY wrong about this family, still she kept on waving it like the victory flag. And hey, you should not use the tragedy of Down syndrome for marketing purposes!  OK, so here we have this sexed-up bear shooting super mom with promiscuous kids and a few months old baby who is also a governor of Alaska who, if anything should happen to the president, is going to rule the USA. How fast can you evacuate the whole country?

And then two days ago, I switched on CNN and stayed glued to the screen as I realised I am witnessing the second half of Palin-Biden debate. As the debate went on, I continued asking myself: Is this serious? Come on, I would immediately give this guy the keys of the whole universe and make him not its VP, but its president. To her, I wouldn’t even give the keys to my car. Can’t afford a new one since this financial crisis.

Palin seemed so false that I thought she must have a DreamWorks logo somewhere behind hear ear. This woman is programmed! And then came the highlight: her closing statement. She was speaking her empty memorised sentences into the camera with a sly smile and blinking eyes and if somebody had just blended in a telephone number and promised telephone sex with a hot secretary, they would have earned a f….g fortune (and could have bailed out the US economy themselves). This woman is a shame for the American politics. And she is a shame for the female sex.

Anyway, the debate finished and I jumped to my computer to learn more about this female wonder of programming. And what I found shocked me even more. The media was praising Palin for not embarrassing herself AGAIN. Does USA really deserve a VP who is praised every time she does not make a total fool out of herself? In her first big interview, Palin did not know what the Bush Doctrine was. Come on, if we were serious here, her Republican Party should have sent her back to Alaska, excused itself to the party members and general public for making idiots out of them and immediately found a new VP candidate.

Here the video:

But instead of flying to Alaska, the lady just gets a new pink suit and goes on to her next debacle: in her next big interview, she does not know what the bail out plan is about! By now, I thought I was dreaming…..

Somehow, this reminded me of the story when the Barbie Liberation Organisation swapped the electric voice boxes of hundreds of Barbie dolls and GI Joe action figures - so that Barbie would growl "Dead men tell no lies," and GI Joe would squeal "Want to go shopping?"

I don’t know. Palin is just beyond any serious comment. And the USA is seriously crashing.  This country deserves serious people to get it out of the chaos. Seriously.