Little Fly Friend

And now, something completely different. Few days ago, there was this little fly that woke me up in the morning. I was angrily helicoptering my arms around my head to scare the fly off but it continued coming back - so I got up. I was annoyed and wondered where this fly came from. We don’t normally have flies here, especially not in October! That evening, I watched TV and this little fly came and sat on my hand. I moved my hand and the fly flew away. But it flew so slowly that I realised it must be exhausted, or ill, or old. In the morning, I was in the bathroom, putting my make up on, when the fly came and sat on the mirror. This is when I started liking the fly. It reminded me of Orlando, the black cat Claudius and I had, who was always sitting on the washing machine, watching me put on my make-up. I liked the ridiculousness of the situation, weirdness of the fact that even having a fly around can make you feel less lonely. And then next day, I found the fly next to my desk - dead. I was a bit said. Especially because it proved that I was right – this poor little fly was here to ….die. I threw the fly into the garbage can. And no, I did not make a little funeral for it.

And then I went to my bedroom – only to find another dead fly, this one next to my bed! I was mad! So, it wasn’t one and the same fly the whole time! I didn’t have a little fly friend! The truth is that, out of some weird reason, the flies chose my apartment for their morgue. And as I am writing this, another one is flying around my head. I hope the last one. Very macabre…..