Did you know we have a honey crisis?


This is crisis in crisis!

A honey crisis! And this is serious.

Imagine world without honey! I wouldn’t survive. I live on honey.

The bees have a problem. A big one. Our economy is crashing, their world is crashing.  In Britain, honey production dropped 50% last year. After Xmas, there will be no British honey in supermarkets. And in 10 years there will be no bees in the UK anymore.

Bees pollinate 25% of food we eat. If there are no bees, not only there is no honey but also no apples, pears, almonds…

Californian almond industry lost billions because of a “Colony Collapse Disorder” – some of nature’s best navigators are suddenly unable to return into their hives because of a navigation problem. (Can mobile networks and similar be the cause?). Another problem is growing crops for the bio fuel instead of crops bees feed on. Because of the imbalance in nature (yes, caused by us), bee flees and wasps invade hives.

Beekeepers need $16million to start projects to save bees.

Ha, this used to be a lot - now it sounds like peanuts.

Governments should bail out bees!

My life without honey would be like life without olive oil and garlic – impossible….