What a day...

Strange day today.

There is no breath of wind - Vienna seems to be in a vacuum. The sky is steel grey and feels like a heavy helmet on our heads. Nothing is moving, everything is heavy, like a frozen picture. People are tired and have exhausted and lost expressions on their faces. The energy of a black hole. Feels like the whole city entered a limbo. We are not in hell - yet.

Mom tells me Zagreb is the same.

The markets keep on crashing – every day is the worst day till now. Wherever you turn you see CRISIS.

Can it be that this limbo-like atmosphere is created by our unconsciousness? Can it be that somewhere deep inside we all know we are standing in the middle of historical moments? A whole global system as we know it is crashing. And nobody knows what this means. Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring. It can be O.K., but it can also end in a depression like we never knew before.

The money is being printed endlessly which means it has no real value. Stocks have no value either. People will stop buying anything they don’t urgently need. Cars, TVs, fashion, travels have no value. Many factories are already closing. There are thousands of people loosing jobs.

Somebody compared this to Chernobyl – you can’t see it, you can’t smell it but you know it is a real catastrophe.

At least this day will be over soon.