The Zeros

And suddenly, we are all trying to understand the billions and the trillions. $ billion is a € milliarde, a $ trillion is a € billion. And if you are not confused yet, try understanding how much they really are. If a billion is a million millions then how much is a trillion? Now try putting zeroes to those numbers. Not lost yet? Try to imagine how much all the governments around the world have put into saving the economy: USA $700 billions, Germany $680 billions, France $ 360 billions, Netherlands $258 billions, UK $88….Those make $2097 billions in total. Still not lost? Ask yourself where all that money comes from? They print it, right. So now, ask yourself how much this money is worth if it is simply being printed. Nothing, right. And what does this tell you? Yes, it is all yet another bubble. Or many bubbles. A trillion, billion, thousands of millions of millions bubbles. It looks like the financial system will have to be set from 0 after this….