Already miss them.....

You know what? There are so many things I am going to miss when all of this is over.

First, I am going to miss Sarah! She is a great inspiration for my oh-so-beloved sexy librarian style. I am going to miss the nest on her head and this incredible $22,000 face. She made me want to buy a new lipstick every day and dig out that pencil skirt and high heels, long forgotten since I left the business world! And she made me wear my glasses proudly. Yep, it works. Plus, with Sarah gone, my stomach muscles are going to go. Who am I going to laugh about?

I am going to miss Cindy! Every time I see Cindy, her hair is blonder and her face stiffer and I think she cannot do any other movement anymore than nod her head and throw those weird “applaud or I’m going to take my bazooka out” looks around. While Sarah is my hero in style and humour, Cindy is my hero in robotics. This woman has spent past seven (or so) months standing behind her husband, nodding! Wooow! So Stepford wives do exist?!

I am not going to miss McCain because I just feel sorry for this man. He urgently needs to retire and take a long, long, very long rest. When retired, he will have all time in the world to teach his wife some other movements apart from nodding. Probably just needs to be oiled a bit.

I am going to miss Obama! This big charmer, whose voice already sounds more familiar than my dad’s – because I hear him talk more often than I hear my dad talk. Once the campaign is over, the “charming” part is over – Obama will start “doing”. Remember that smile, maybe you will not see it after 4.11. There’s not much to smile about when you have to clean up the mess in that country. Let’s see what this will do to his personality. But whatever it does – we’ll see and hear much less of him.

I am going to miss SNL.

And jeez, if I am going to miss all of that, how do people in the USA feel? Maybe the elections should be postponed. So that we can all enjoy the show for another year. Or two. Or five?

Ugh, greetings to Kafka.