All Saints....

Like on every All Saints Day, yesterday my dad and I went to Vienna’s largest graveyard, Zentralfriedhof. We always go a bit later because then it is emptier and we can also catch the twilight, which makes the graveyard especially beautiful. Yesterday, the sky was blue with pink and yellow clouds and the ground was filled with yellow leaves. The light was incredible. My grand, grand mother Ana Tajder, or Ana Teider is buried on this graveyard but we never actually tried to find out where. So we just stroll around, go to the beautiful Jewish part and then to the place where Russian soldiers who died in the World War II are buried. We visit the famous composers and the unnamed graves.

We were lighting a candle for the soldiers and I said to my dad how beautiful this act of bringing light actually is. But then I thought about it. And wondered, if we are just being narrow minded. Most probably we live in darkness and the dead swim in the light.

Maybe on All Saints Day, it should be other way round. Maybe they should light some candles for us…..