I love Pula

My book tour started in Pula, the ancient Roman city on the north of the Croatian coast. The presentation was fantastic - and completely different from my presentation in Zagreb in May, as the book just came out. In Zagreb, I was asked only about the parties, the men and shopping. In Pula, my book was presented by Ms Zdenka Viskovic-Vukic, a poet and president of Pula Film Festival. Zdenka understood what the book really is about and for one hour, we talked about the pain of growing up under the pressure of today's deformed society, about trying to find real values in this mass of artificial values, about the process of putting it all out and shedding your skin - in order to find the true YOU. The audience was fantastic. I hope that the rest will run just as good. Thank you, Zdenka. And thank you, Pula.