Thoughts behind a curtain

There is an old, grey, shabby house in my street in Zagreb. Like most houses in Zagreb, this one is from the golden era of socialism. It hasn't been renovatet or repaired since it was built in late 50's. Somewhere on the 2nd or 3rd floor, there is an appartment with old wooden shades covering half of a window. The rest of the window is covered by synthetic, lacy curtains long turned yellow. Every day in the afternoon, a man is standing behind those shades and curtains and commenting on the newest political and social developments in Croatia. His voice is strong and firm and he sounds like a professional speaker.

Every day, he is giving the world his excellent, true and very critical analysis. If this was a movie, people would gather under his window and listen and discuss and start a change. But this is not a movie, and everybody just passes by thinking "Oh God, again that old lunatic!" and stays busy with their own life.

So all those thoughts - and guts to share them - will stay burried behind a dusty, sythetic curtain forever.