Long live literature!

We have a new scandal in Croatia and this one is a fantastic illustration of how masses are being brainwashed into idiots (and they even pay for it) and how our society is facing a complete crash of its values. Each year, a book fair in Pula gives out an award called “Kiklop” for the most sold and read book. This year, the price goes to a lady called, yes: Nives Celzijus. As the name implies, Nives is a starlet with huge implants. Something like Croatian Carmen Electra. She wrote an autobiography about sex&drugs&rock’n’roll in Croatian jet-set, the book sells for only €4 – and it sold in 47,000 copies (!!!!!!). When you consider that Croatia has 4 million inhabitants, this is a mega-mega-mega-bestseller (something like selling 3,5 mio. Books in USA). Now the Croatian Authors’ Association is protesting, the chairman of the award has resigned, some writers returned their “Kiklop”s, and as it seems that it was decided to cancel the award for this year. There are huge discussions, although the situation is clear – it is all about the criteria. You simply have to decide if you will allow porns to compete for awards with art movies….. Lesson learned: shit sells. In millions.

P.S. The lady came to get her award in black leather and a whip in her hand. And 2 boys in leather strings.