Put a Ring On It

Not to start a year with a comment on Middle East (which I would really like to do), here a more positive topic. Or is it?Beyonce's new hit "Single Girls (If You Like it Put a Ring On It)” is constantly repeated on gotv (Austrian MTV) so I already started singing (and dancing) along. I am only wondering if this is a message for the girls or the boys? Christmas present from my gay neighbour Marcus: a book called "Suche Mann zum Kinderkriegen (Searching for a Man for Babies)". Subtitle: “Why men disappear when it gets serious.” It is cute, but maybe not so fitting.

Yesterday, I passed by a shop with cake decorations. A whole window is dedicated to wedding cakes. Looking at all that kitsch is always amazing but when I looked at it yesterday, I started screaming. Photo is attached.

I am considering writing a book with a subtitle "Why women disappear when it gets serious." And I think that the shop should start producing decorations with grooms dragging brides to the altar. Things are changing. image005