Oprah is fat! Let's give her more money!

Woow, this is fantastic! Oprah Winfrey is fat again! (And I am embarrassed because I can spell her name).Normally, being fat is a sign of weakness and lack of discipline. But this woman magically managed to turn this weakness into her strength. She is using the fact that she blew herself into a size of a meteorological balloon to promote and position herself even more as a people’s person – and earn a few hundreds of millions more. Only few moments ago, I turned CNN on and thought I was dreaming: Larry King was seriously discussing Oprah Winfrey’s fat with 5 other guests! And then she comes on with an atypically tiny voice saying how embarrassed she is and how she’s eating a bag of potato chips a day and then continues with some spiritual shit and victims of Katrina. I am sure next comes “Diet with Oprah/If she can You can” show/book/CD/fitness DVD. The story reminds me a bit of Robert Misik’s book “Genial Dagegen” in which he shows how this system magically manages to turn its every weakness, and other’s critique, into its favour. Here’s the secret to survival…..