“To silicone or not to silicone” or “To have it all or not to have it all”

In their book “Weißbuch Frauen Schwarzbuch Männer”, Sibille Hamann & Eva Linsinger are complaining that, while in the 70’s women were wildly protesting against beauty dictatorship, today we have quietly accepted it. Female body, they claim, has become a modifiable object which reflects our attitude towards life: “The body that a woman is carrying around herself is not anymore a question of destiny, but an obvious proof of her approach to life. Each detail is a result of a conscious decision: to lie on the sofa, rather then lift weights; not to have a wrinkle Botoxed away, or to leave the fat where it is.”

I couldn’t agree more: God, do I wish silicone is not an option and “to silicone or not to silicone” wouldn’t exist as a dilemma.

But let’s get serious: that same “dictatorship of choice” goes for all other aspects in women’s life. Not only our bodies, but also our whole lives have become modifiable objects reflecting our conscious decisions: to be educated or not; to earn money, rather than have kids; to be single, rather than married; to be a “housewife” rather than have a career. We do have the benefit of free choice – but in the same time the curse of feeling like a failure if we chose not to have it all.