Mama and Ana

My mother and I stopped in front of a window of an antiques shop. There was an elegant art deco mirror hanging in the window. „Oh, we are so beautiful!“, my mum loudly said, her voice full of delight. I looked up. The ebony frame framed two identical figures: same size, same black hair, same black coats. Same alabaster skin, same smile, same spark in black eyes. For a moment, it confused me. But then it filled me with joy. Next to us a lady was standing. She was my mom’s age, red haired, bigger than us, wearing a grey coat. As she heard what my mum said, she turned and looked at us smiling at our twins in the mirror. She smiled “I didn’t even dare to look at myself“ she said. I could hear a note of envy in her voice. My mum turned towards her beaming with joy „Oh, I normally don’t like looking at myself either, but with my daughter next to me, it is something totally different.“ That second,  it became clear to me what a huge influence the person on our side has on our attitude toward ourselves. And for a moment, I felt that I gave my mother a very special gift: a touch of eternity.