To my readers

Today I want to give a big THANK YOU to all my readers who took few minutes to contact me. Writing is a very solitary process and once the book is out there in your hands, suddenly there is this big silence. And this silence is only broken by the occasional e-mail from a reader. It is very motivating to get feedback. Even if the feedback is negative – just knowing that your book has touched someone is fantastic.I received an e-mail today that made me cry. The lady who wrote it is a librarian with a passion for books. She called me a “woman who offers guidance. To everybody.” Which is the biggest compliment I have ever received. What made me cry is the fact that all those experiences, emotions, thoughts, dilemmas I described in the book were not wasted. They were anyway not wasted, but the fact that they became a book made them even more valuable. And than knowing that there are people out there to whom those things mean something and give them something is the most incredible feeling. It gives so much motivation to go on. To live and to write. And to love life. Thank you.