Consuming Love - Literally

I have again (look at my post from 7 Nov. 2008) found a heart in my fridge. Yes, it sounds funny but it again made me very happy - I like believing in signs. I started analysing what all this food coming to me in form of a heart could mean. I wished for something egoistic. But then as I was pealing the potato to make a soup, I realized that each piece of food that came from mother earth actually is a little heart. They don't have to have a heart form. Because they are pure love - they are the signs and gifts mother nature is giving us to tell us "I love you". Because they keep us alive. And healthy. And all it takes is some soil, sun and rain. That is all we should need to survive.I am not joking: we should see each piece of food nature gave us as a little heart. And each time we take it into our hand we should say "Thank you". Our major problem as a society is that we are ungrateful.