Consuming Love - Literally II

Sorry, I just can't help it. Especially since Big Eye's “if you can see love, there is love” which I did like. Well, there must be love if I cut paprika and this is what I see. Now that we almost have had a whole love salad on this blog, I promise to stop with heart-shaped food. Unless something really fantastic appears in my fridge. Like a heart-shaped cucumber. div2009

...................... And here some highlights from my today's channel skipping between NTV (German CNN), Euronews and CNN. Some of which have warmed up my lefty heart (as my editor at The Vienna Review would say): Obama's Stimulus Package: The House is set to vote tomorrow. The guy really wants to put $825 billion into government investments to provide jobs (and someone protested when I said that his inauguration speech sounded socialistic) Review Globalisation I: USA, the big uncle of free trade, starts protectionism and asks Americans to "Buy American" Review Globalisation II: British workers protest for British jobs Review Globalisation III: Germany so spoiled by it's immense exports that it is wondering "what now?" as exports are due to stall because of the crisis and new protectionist wave. Yeah, what now? UK loses $5 billion due to two (2!) days of snow: Come on! What a sissy country is that? First Iranian satellite in space: And now we should worry about an Iranian flying saucer? Well, someone still has to explain to me why one country is allowed to have weapons, especially if it is already guilty for millions of deaths, and the other one not. Porn Airs During Super Bowl: Just as Cardinals' superstar Larry Fitzgerald watched himself sprint into the end zone on the stadium's Jumbotron during Sunday's Super Bowl, 10 seconds of eye-popping pornographic imagery "flashed" across the screens of those watching at home. And now, let me go back to the beginning: "if you see sex, there is sex". In this grey world I can only conclude - yeepii for porn!