How about a reality show?

Watched CNN, Larry King today. You know about that mother of octuplets? She is a single mother, already has 6 children and now she had 8 more in one go. She has eight embryos left from her fertility treatment so she thought “Hey, won’t throw these embryos away, and if I keep them much longer in my fridge, they might get bad. So why not have them implanted and become a single mother of 8 (+6=14)?”. Which normal person in this world would do this? Are doctors really allowed to do shit like this? Destroy lives of 15 people (without counting in her parents, kids’ grandparents). And then on the other hand we have Berlusconi and Vatican discussing if that poor woman who spent 17 out of her 37 years in coma is allowed to die. So on one hand, we may play God by artificially creating and destroying lives and on the other, we may not play God by stopping suffering we are artificially keeping up. Makes no sense to me.Any way. Average American parent spends $269,520 raising a child to 17, so the mother of the octuplets could be facing a total childcare bill of more than $2.1 million by 2026, that’s before adjustments for inflation. So it turned out that the mother of octuplets is planning to sell her story for millions. Most probably do a reality show. Few minutes later, after five zillion ads (Larry King is the only show in the world which has an ad every 10 seconds), we had new guests on the show. The judge of Anna Nicole Smith trial. This guy became famous because he cried in the courtroom. So, we learn that the judge is now retired (basically it turns out that he cried because it was his last case before retirement and he freaked) and is now starting – a reality show! And then comes the surprise guest – Anna Nicole Smith’s lover boy with their daughter. And he tells us that he is planning….. yes, you guessed it right – a reality show! Jeez, who the hell is watching all those reality shows? How about one joined reality show? Judge can cry while baby-sitting 15 kids plus Smith’s daughter, while Smith’s lover boy and octuplets’ mom make more kids? And everybody lives happy ever after - on Smith’s millions. Maybe I should start writing a screenplay.