"Unavailability" Scholarship For Young Female Scientists

Ladies!I just decided that once I got my Nobel, I am going to offer a (very generous) scholarship for young female biologists/neurologists/psychiatrists who are willing to make a research on a very important and crucial topic: What is it in men that makes them detect when you are unavailable? And: Why do they come in masses once you are unavailable? (Please note that “unavailable” includes not only your relationship status, but also the mental state of “I really cannot bother getting involved with anyone right now”) Imagine the power we had once we finally found that magic button. Because one thing is for sure – you can’t fake the “unavailability”. Just as they can detect the real thing, they can detect the faking. This male sixth sense is so strong that it sometimes scares the shit out of me. You know that “Where the hell did you come (back) from??? And why NOW????” feeling? Yeap. So, get ready and start writing your exposés. P.S. Gentlemen – was just wondering, is there a similar 6th sense feature in ladies?