Batwoman, the First Gay Superhero

Yesterday, a friend informed me about the birth of a new superhero: Batwoman. And Batwoman is a sexy red-haired lesbian. My friend asked me what about the equality – there is no gay male superhero.First, let me say how extremely shocked I was when I read that Batman was dead. I am a big fan of Batman and if I ever had a sexual fantasy, it was peeling off that black muscled uniform to find…. George Clooney back from saving the world. But lately I am boycotting anything “Made in Hollywood” so I didn’t even know that my superhero is dead. He’ll be back! I am sure. Anyway, back to equality – Batwoman being gay is not a question of gender but a question of the size of the target market. Knowing how heterosexual men feel about a sexy red-haired woman having sex with another woman, we know Batwoman has a huge group on board. Hetero women finally have a female superhero, so they’re in as well, never mind that she is lesbian. Gay men love beautiful cartoonish women like Batwoman, so they’re also in. And finally gay women – but don’t need to comment on that. On the other hand, if you had a gay male superhero…. Hetero men will definitely not read. Hetero women couldn’t care less. Gay women …. not that into men, even if they are gay. So you only have gay men as target market. And this one is three qarters smaller than Batwoman's. You do the business case math. For more information about Batwoman, go to And I am off to find my Batman DVDs. batwomantemp_130651t