Cheerleader President

Dear U.S. of A,Few nights ago, my desperate body decided to burn down this annoying flu so my rising fever didn’t let me sleep. Desperate, I turned on CNN and watched your president addressing a joint session of Congress. And I was fascinated! You elected yourself one fine cheerleader there! And hey, the man doesn’t even need pompons nor a frilly skirt – he can do it all orally! Since that night, his energising speech just won’t leave my head. And I wanted to ask you: Can I please, please, please borrow him? I really do need to hear a speech like this. I’ve also suffered a crisis lately: I have this horrible flu, the prince charming decided not to search for me (although I left him my slipper), I applied for a few really cool jobs and got rejected, my debt is rising. So basically, Obama would only need to change a few words in his speech. Here an example:

“……But while your economy may be weakened and your confidence shaken; though you are living through difficult and uncertain times, tonight I want you Ana to know this: You will rebuild, you will recover, and you will emerge stronger than before (here, he can mention something about the prince). And if you do, then someday years from now your children (yeepii, my children!) can tell their children that this was the time when you performed…… As you stand at this crossroads of history, the eyes of all people in all nations are once again upon you — watching to see what you do with this moment; waiting for you to lead (maybe that’s a bit too much). Thank you, God Bless you (yeah OK, he can also say: and may God bless the United States of America.)”

Thank you in advance, A

P.S. Isn’t it actually a good idea – personal cheer leaders? Doesn’t necessary need to be a president.